LeadsArk Total Scam

Leadsark Scam with Proof Affiliate Marketing Scam

You already heard of Leadark how people make money with it. Students and other people uploads photos and videos of their earning about their earnings on Leadsark it. so for your kind of information let me tell you it’s a waste of time and fully scam waste of your money and time, I’ll explain everything about the Leadsark and how they are making money and scamming us.

What is Leadsark

What is Leadsark let me tell you, basically it’s an affiliate program which helps you to make money with it by providing leads and sales to Leadsark they give 60-70% Affiliate profit on every sale. Leadsark guarantees that you’ll earn thousands of money daily by just providing them leads obviously it’s not like that.

you can earn decent money with Leadsark by providing them leads and sale but it’s a total scam and nothing happen as you expect from Leadsark let me explain they’re scamming you.

Leadsark Scam

Leadsark Scam
Leadsark Scam

on the Leadsark site you’ll they have 3 courses for everyone who wants to join them, they have to purchase any of their product first

  • Leadsark Lite(Price 2000+GST)
  • Leadsark Standard(Price 3500+GST)
  • Leadsark Pro(Price 7000+GST)

as you can clearly see for joining them you’ve to pay first. This is the first affiliate program in the world that ask for money to join them, now when you see you’re friends and other people earning with Leadsark you get into their trap and purchase any of their course cause you need to earn money when you purchase their product you’ve got your self scam with Leadsark.

so let’s see what they provide in their courses I’ll show two courses Lite and Pro

Leadsark Lite: in the lite pack they provide and teach you organic lead and some stupid thing which is just waste as you already know for generating leads you need an audience and following only then you can generate leads nothing else will help you.

  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Social Media marketing
  • Personal Branding
  • Attraction Marketing

Leadsark Pro: in the pro pack they say they’ll teach you some strategies and train you for generating leads and earning money by just learning through their courses but in the reality, nothing will happen as you’ve expected by learning them, if you insist to learn Affiliate Marketing you can learn the far better way on youtube for free and they will help you by sharing their experience and telling you the truth about affiliate

  • LeadsArk Pro: Affiliate Marketing Training
  • LeadsArk Pro: Sales Training
  • CPA Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Personal Branding Training
  • Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  • 5 Bonus Courses worth 999 USD

if you see their courses review you’ll never purchase them, everyone who purchases their courses has given the 0 Rating to their courses and mentioned them as the worst courses of Affiliate Marketing, even they didn’t even want to share their courses

Leadsark 2.0 Scam

So now let’s move on to their true motive after when you purchased any of their product you’ve got scammed you’re self now you can’t get any refund and all you can do to get your money back is to provide them leads and generate sales. Just like you get stuck you will have to get someone and make them purchase this only then you can earn affiliate revenue.

it’s like this, you see someone earn through Leadsark by providing them leads and sales, you talk with them and they told you to get their product for joining and earning like him/her. when you go and purchase their product to join them and you’re the friend who told you to join them earn 60-70% of your money, now you’re stuck you’ve to do same as your friend to get your money back

They just sell their useless product to earn money by everyone who wants to earn money that’s all.

Leadsark Making Huge Money by Scam

Let me show you how Leadsark makes huge money by scamming all of us. They are making money by several simple methods and you can easily see through them

  • Youtube
  • Monetization
  • MLM

They are making a huge amount of money by just these methods anyone can see through their scam. They upload Videos on youtube and monetize them with Google Adsense and show ads and the same goes for their site, but their main motive of making money is just by Selling their courses by using MLM Method

MLM Methos Is a multi-level marketing method where you’ve to purchase their product to join them and then recruit someone for joining them and then you’ll earn money also the company will.

once You purchase their product you’ve to get someone for purchasing their product too although you’ve posted all your money in the Leadsark

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in the end, it’s a total scam few people are running that website by using the MLM method and it’s nothing about affiliate it’s just about making someone stuck in their program and wasting money. If you want to earn money from an affiliate then go to youtube you’ll see many creators who provides you with real method and strategy for earning money don’t waste your money on this scam website total waste of money and time.


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