Unique Gold Lockets with Top-Notch Artwork

When made perfectly, gold lockets for women on a chain are a classy fashion item. The future designs it can incorporate within itself to make it look more modern have attracted a lot of interest. Gold lockets come in various styles, perfect for any occasion. Any skin tone can benefit from the universal appeal of this tiny trinket.

Listed below are a few styles of gold lockets that will make you look more attractive and boost your self-assurance.

Gold Locket in Heart-Shape:

The timeless elegance of a gold heart locket design ensures that this style will remain popular for years to come. A gold locket in the shape of a heart can be worn on the small, middle, or large side. There’s an open design option to keep a photo of a loved one inside. Pick the form that flatters you the most and show off your cash for gold lockets shaped like hearts.

Gold Locket Design with Pearl:

Add polish to your business wardrobe with beautiful gold lockets for women embellished with a pearl. This beautiful pearl pendant set will satisfy your jewellery fetish without driving you crazy in the office. Vaibhav Jewellers has a wide selection of pearl lockets that are perfect for dressing up.

Gold Locket Design with Glass:

These gold locket designs have a touch of the past thanks to the exquisite artwork filling the glass in the locket’s focal point. These patterns have a certain allure that hints heavily at a bygone period. Many women team them up with customary jewelry pieces like a short mangalsutra design. They complement retro-style clothing and are a great fashion statement on their own.

Gold Locket Design with Stones:

Adding a precious stone to the design of a gold locket gives it an extra special touch. These gems can be any colour you like, from blue to green to a beautiful pearly red. These lockets take inspiration from the Victorian era when such jewellery was commonly worn.

Gold Locket Design with Religious Motifs:

Gold lockets for women featuring religious motifs are among the most sought-after jewellery sets. Ladies of any age group can wear them. The warm hue of gold makes these particularly attractive.

Gold Locket Design with Photos:

Many people enjoy having a gold locket design in which they may place a photo of a loved one. It has an eye-catching exterior design, and a treasured photo of a loved one can be seen inside. These days we see women adding such lockets to a short mangalsutra design.

Take a look at our beautiful gold lockets, or work with us to design something unique.

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