Top 10 Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

In this era of technology, you may get scammed because there are so many scammers out there that call you and get all of your personal information. No doubt technology gives us positive effects but there are equal negative effects and scammed calls are one of them.


Well, every problem has a solution. Right here to deal with this issue there are lots of highly standardized tools just as USPhoneLookup. These tools are built to provide you with all the background data. Personal information is much more about unknown callers.


So if you are interested to know about these tools so that next time when you get a call from an unknown number you can investigate it. Just read this article because I assure you that you are not going to be disappointed by the tools mentioned below. Let’s checkout.

Top 10 Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

  • USPhoneLookup – The Greatest Choice
  • The NumberLookup – Best Website For Getting Desired Information
  • Number-Lookup – Very Useful  For Smartphones
  • USphone search – Best To Search An Unknown Number
  • Any Who – Ideal For Phone
  • Instant Checkmate – Best To Check The Information On The Spot
  • SPYTOX – To Investigate Deeply
  • Callrevelar is – Great Website For Foreign 
  • True Caller – Best Website Overall
  • Spokeo – Good To Get Useful Information

1. USPhoneLookup – The Greatest Choice

Getting someone’s phone number is too easy nowadays and then different organizations just call lots of random people to advertise their products. So if you are having this trouble, no need to worry because USPhoneLookup is here to provide you with all the services.


USPhoneLookup is one of the greatest tools with a bunch of features through which you can easily check all the background information, run background checks, provide security, and work according to the demand of the user.


Its features are highly reliable and make you feel secure. Another amazing thing about USPhoneLookup is that It has its phone directory so that whenever you get a call from an unknown number you can easily investigate it. Let’s find out about highly efficient services.

  • Available Services


  • Get all the personal financial and other information at once
  • You will get a physical address as well
  • It runs in the background to ensure privacy and security
  • Financial information will also be provided
  • Basic information like name, age, status, and more are also provided

Method To Perform a Free Reverse Number Lookup

The method is highly user-friendly. Interference of USPhoneLookup is quite simple. All you have to do is follow these steps.

Step 1: Enter a Phone Number

Note down the number first if you are new to USLookup right after getting the call. Now enter the phone number on the website of USPhoneLookup.

Step 2: Start Your Search

After entering the number you now have to click on the search button for further investigation. All the records will appear on the screen

Step 3: Review The Results

Last but not least now you can easily explore everything about the caller including information on content, social media profiles, and more in one place.

2. The NumberLookup – Best Website For Getting Desired Information

Here we have our second-best tool for outstanding service of lookup.  The NumberLookup is a really helpful service. If you want to get all the services of this tool you need to subscribe to its plan. This is a helpful tool.

Available Services

  • You can get the personal information of a person
  • 100% free contact data is also provided
  • Online information and family information are also available


  • It is expensive and not everyone can afford it.

3. Number-Lookup – Best For Smartphones

This is another one of the best tools for performing lookup services. It pulls information from all the public records and gives as much information as possible with 100% accuracy. In the end, you will get the full report.

Available Services

  • You will get the caller’s basic information.
  • You will get social media profiles.
  • Address and relative information.


  • It has high-paid subscription plans.

4. USPhone Search – To Search An Unknown Number

USPhone Search is another best lookup service. Through this, you can get information about a person’s company by simply adding the number of the specific person. It is beneficial when you want to search for someone’s personal information.

Available Services

  • All personal information is given
  • A social media profile is provided
  • An alternative number can also be seen


  • It got tricky interference and has lots of packages that will make you confuse

5. Any Who – Best for Phone

Any Who is also a type of up-looking service provider that provides necessary information about any client. If you want to get the name of the person who is calling you or the organization you want to check. This platform is good to use.

Available Services

  • Help you to get basic information.
  • Social media platform information is available
  • It is free to use.



  • Do not provide deep search and have few public records.

6. Instant Checkmate – Best To Check The Information On The Spot

The Instant Checkmate is also one of the best websites for getting all the desired information.  At first glance, this tool will help you to get personal info like age, name, and other financial information you may need.

Available Services

  • Provide instant results 
  • Interference is easy and understandable
  • Subscription plans are reliable


  • Sometimes its result takes too long to load

7. SPYTOX – To Investigate Deeply

It provides in-depth research of the person by finding all the records from the public as possible. Personal details include name, age, or photos. Contact information includes an alternative number, email address, or location.

Available Services

  • It will give you an instant report with useful information
  • It is also totally free to use



  • Not very reliable like USPhoneLookup

8. Callrevelar – Great Website For Foreign 

CallRevelar is one of the great sites with lots of satisfied customers. Although it provides just basic information and provides in-depth details, it is reliable. You can use this tool to reveal scammers and fake callers.

Available Services

  • It is free to use
  • Interference is very understandable
  • Valid to deal with fake calls


  • Its features are not too much advanced and have basic functions

9. True Caller – Best Website

This tool will provide you with just one button performance. Just enter data, press one button and here you go with all the valuable information you need. You are just one click away to spy on unknown numbers. It is available on all devices. 

Available Services

  • Very easy to start
  • The personal app of the true caller is also available
  • It is a free tool


  • The information it provides is not always up to date.

10. Spokeo – Good To Get Useful Information

Last but not least Spokeo will provide you with the details of different sites and find out as much detail as possible. If you want to get quick information like name, age, and social media profile you can use this. Moreover, it is free to use.

Available Services

  • If you buy its paid version it will give you a more in-depth result.
  • Very easy to get access


  • If you use its free version its information will be limited.

Final Words 

Getting valuable information is such a pleasurable thing.  Great tools like USPhoneLookup are highly efficient in working to provide all the valuable information you want to dump a scammer. If this blog was helpful let me know in the comment area so that I can provide you with more valuable information.

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