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In the time of COVID-19 earning Cash is hard and many people has lost their job because of COVID-19. They don’t have money and job they are helpless. At the time like this the main point come How to make money online.

We’ve find 5 easiest way how to make money online with your phone and PC.

How to make money online using Phone

For making money via phone their our several ways to make money using your android phone

The earning is not as good as compare. you can daily earn 1000-2500 via using your phone

  1. Using Android App
  2. Blogging
  3. Affiliate Market
  4. Digital Marketing

There are few of them you can make money using one of this.

1. Android App For Making Money Online

Google Opinion Reward :-

Google Opinion Reward is Android mobile app which is made google it self for using this.

You’ve to sing in via your google account everyday you’ll get surveys and each survey will pay you $1-5 Dollar.

You just have to fill the survey and earn Everyday. Download Google Reward From Play Store

RozDhan Money :-

RozDhan is one of the oldest and trusted earning app for android you can earn online cash.

You have to make your profile and just have to you RozDhan app for Reading News, Watching Videos, Participation in contest etc.

2. Blogging

Blog is becoming popular in few year many people make blogging their full time job.

blogging is one of the good way to earn online and their no limit for profit you can earn $100- 1000 Daily.

Their are Two Type of blogging Free and Paid you can Choose One of them

Free Blogging

How to do Free blogging :-

For learning and earning from blog you’ve to learn SEO , How to Rank

You can learn SEO from ON-Page SEO and do learn about the SEO , Ranking , Etc.

You Can Start Blogging From it’s free blogging platform provided by google.


blogger is best for starting blogging and it’s totally free for everyone. you’ll get everything free.

You’ve to Connect Adsense With Your Site. After approval you’ll revenue by Traffic you’ve on your Site.

Paid Blogging

For Paid Blogging you should have to purchase two thing indeed

Domain and Hosting You Can Purchase Domain From Godaddy and You Can Purchas Hosting From Dogehosting

paid blogging has so advantage compare to free blogging it comes with so many feature.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Becomes the most Usage since 2016.By doing Affiliate marketing u can earn great revenue. Marketing Available in ever websites like. Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal etc.

You can register here as a partner and earn double revenue by make your own just have to make your own website by and implant all affiliate Products You can also Use Ads for getting more revenue. it’s really a good way to earn more profit

4. Digital Marketing

You know what is digital marketing and how to do that well i am here to explain you how to do and what is it.

It’s way to marketing online in simple words. you can promote someone product online by using Facebook Groups, pages, sponsor ship, implanting online ads etc. You’ll get commission or a fixed Amount it’s up to deal.

How to do Digital Marketing :-

You just have to find customers and tell them You are a digital marketer and you can increase their sale in no time for doing that they’ll pay you a good amount. You just have to find a good place to promote the product their are several ways to promote for example

Google Ads , Facebook Ads they two are the best way to promote product by using online ads sponsor ship. You just have to find a good place and target their people when they see the product ads they’ll click and purchase every purchase will bring you a good amount of profit.

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