10 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Sales – Marketing Tips and Tricks 

10 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Sales – Marketing Tips and Tricks 

Digital Marketing can be very useful for you , but it is not  as easy as you think, in the article below I ma going to tell you about Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Sales . It is not a rocket science but you just need a little logical thinking to Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

When we go to the store to buy bread, we often bring out two large bags with groceries and goods that we didn’t intend to buy at all or planned to do so later. But something made us buy it right now. In this article, you’ll discover what marketers use to convince you to part with tons of money.

10 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

  1. A feeling of reciprocity

Each of us probably had to feel gratitude for something and make a pleasant gesture in return. Marketers have not missed the opportunity here, too.

How it works

When a waiter brings a customer an invoice without chewing gum, it can reduce the tip, and vice versa. Your gratitude for the care of the waiter who brought one piece of gum will increase the tip by about 3.3%, and if a super caring waiter is caught and brought 2 gum, the tip can grow by 20%.

Your gratitude for the care of the waiter who brought one piece of gum will increase the tip by about 3.3%, and if a super caring waiter is caught and brought 2 gum, the tip can grow by 20%.

  1. When everyone can use , I can also.

Social networks are not just a way of communication, but also successful trading platforms where various goods and services are promoted. And the concept of social influence makes them a real engine in the development of market relations.

 How it works

Buttons under posts (a huge number of shares and likes) sell better than any advertising, since this serves as a kind of social proof that the product is in demand, which means it is good. Especially when we see among those who have liked the record, people whom we love or whom we trust (friends, relatives, actors and other stars): “If they have, then I also want to.” And it is also called the “dance floor effect”: few people will go to dance first, but when a small company is already swaggering on the dance floor, it is psychologically much easier to join them.

Social networks are not just a way of communication, but also successful trading platforms where various goods and services are promoted.

  1. The taste of childhood

When we buy different products or things, we compare them. Usually with those things or products that we had earlier, we remember, which, in a word, left their mark on our memory. And the best thing for us is the association with childhood.

How it works:  Childhood is the brightest and best time in our life. And the products that we ate at my grandmother’s in the village or even bought in the store were the best and most delicious. Marketers use this in their campaigns. For example, to buy a product, we need to understand how it tastes. And the phrase “the taste of childhood” characterizes the product in the best way possible. That is, in fact, we have already tried it and we know the taste. People who are especially conservative, who are not ready for various novelties, are used to choosing what they are already familiar with.

  1. Smells in shops

Smell plays a huge role in our life, especially in society. The smell of a newborn baby, by which your mother recognizes him, or the scent of your partner, which is pleasant to you, are imperceptible, but at the same time important.

How it works

Have you noticed you know what McDonald’s smells like? And these smells are felt long before approaching the establishment itself. What about smells in clothing stores? For example, the smell of vanilla improves blood circulation in the brain, reduces fatigue, and soothes the central nervous system. Research shows that stores where this smell was present increased sales by 20%.

  1. The choice is for the children

Parents love their children so much that they are ready to buy up the whole world for them. Psychologist Paco Underhill, conducting his research, found that animal food and breakfast cereals are often the choice of children. Therefore, these products are often located low for children to reach.

How it works

The brighter the design, the more the child will like it. This applies not only to cereals, which children prefer for breakfast, but also pet food packages, which are also chosen by small owners for their pets.

  1. Principle of contrast

The principle of contrast is one of the foundations of a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Scientists conducted research by asking students to stick one hand first into a cold one, the other into a hot one, then both into a warm (room temperature). One and the same thing – water at room temperature – seems different depending on the preceding circumstances.

How it works

A man came to the store to buy a suit and a sweater. First of all, he will be asked to choose a suit. After all, the cost of a suit is higher, and against the background of her, the price of a sweater will not seem so high. Although the sweater is not the cheapest in its category. The same principle applies to a person who wants to buy accessories (shirt, shoes, belt) for a new suit.

  1. Accessories are our everything

Stylists recommend that we decorate ourselves with various accessories to look more attractive. And they claim that you can turn an ordinary dress into a real sophisticated outfit with a belt, a necklace and a bright handbag.

How it works

Some items and accessories are stored in warehouses, and the likelihood of their sale is significantly reduced. In such cases, the advice of stylists becomes especially relevant: sellers decorate a mannequin with a stale dress with accessories, and the sales process is launched. Experience shows that dresses of this style are beginning to be bought much more actively, and together with them, such well-chosen adornments are bought up.

  1. Mannequins without a head

Do you often see mannequins with faces or are faceless ones prevailing? It is estimated that we look at each item displayed in the window or in the trading floor for a total of 30 seconds, after which we lose interest in it and move on. Therefore, the task of sellers is to make sure that nothing distracts our attention from the assortment entrusted to them.

How it works

We take the heads of the mannequins or just make them faceless – and their faces no longer distract us from the products they are displaying.

  1. Illusory benefits that you “really need”

We often choose a product based on the end result it will bring. And sometimes we forget about quality characteristics, such as power, the number of modes, the material from which the product is made. This psychological phenomenon is often exploited by salespeople.

How it works 

For example, a cellulite cream is designed to get rid of problem areas from the “orange peel”, but in fact, a moisturizer, regular exercise and proper nutrition can help much better than advertisements for the cream promise.

  1. Diversity that does not exist

Adding a medium size is not a response to customer wants or needs, but a gimmick. It is designed to nudge the buyer towards the most expensive option. Usually these tricks are used in various chain establishments (coffee shops, fast food). So the next time you are asked to pay extra and get a large portion, think: do you need it?

How it works 

Let’s say we come to a coffee shop, and there is a large latte for ₽ 200 and a small one for ₽ 50. Most will choose the second option (unless, of course, you are a coffee fan). But if you add the third option, that is, the average size for RUB 180, the majority will choose the larger portion: it’s only RUB 20 more expensive! Comparing 2 options, we make a decision based on our own needs. In the second case, we make a decision based on a comparison of the cost of 3 options and choose the most “profitable” one.

That’s the important factor to increase sale on Digital Marketing Tips keep follow us for being updated

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