An A to Z Guide on Ludo and Its Different Aspects

Many board games have come and gone, but the one board game that has managed to stand its ground in terms of popularity and recognition is ludo. Here is a detailed look at different aspects of the most popular board game:

What is Ludo?

Ludo is a strategy-based board game that is extremely popular worldwide, especially in the Indian subcontinent. The game originated hundreds of years ago, i.e., 3300 BC, to be precise. Two to four individuals can indulge in a game of ludo at once. 


Like all other games, ludo also has several rules and regulations that players need to abide by. However, compared to the rules of other games, ludo rules are fairly simple and easy to follow. This is one of the main reasons why the game is deemed suitable for people of all ages. 

Different Ways of Playing Ludo

There are two primary ways in which players can indulge in ludo games – in the conventional and orthodox offline mode and the modern online mode. Here is a brief look at both of them:


  • Offline Ludo – Since the game originated hundreds of years ago, people have been playing ludo in the conventional offline mode using physical ludo boards and tokens. To indulge in offline ludo games, players need to be physically present in front of each other. Even though this mode allows users to have fun, it has numerous limitations.


  • Online Ludo – This mode is the newer and better mode of indulging in ludo games. Thanks to the advancements in the field of technology, online ludo games are available in abundance. 


They offer users numerous benefits over the conventional orthodox method, some of which are easy accessibility, a chance to earn rewards, innovative features, etc. All individuals need to indulge in online ludo games is a reliable online ludo app and a stable Internet connection. 

Equipment Required to Indulge in Ludo Games

Online ludo, as mentioned earlier, can be enjoyed using a suitable ludo game installed on a smartphone and a stable Internet connection. However, when it comes to the orthodox form of ludo, individuals need to have three things – a physical ludo board, tokens or playing pieces, and a die. Here is a brief look at each:


  • Ludo Board – A ludo board is square-shaped and consists of four-different coloured bases in every corner. The first coloured space outside each base is deemed the starting point.


  • Playing Pieces or Tokens – There are four different coloured sets of playing pieces that start off in their respective bases. Each set further consists of four playing pieces called tokens. 


  • Dice – The dice are perhaps the most important tool required by individuals to play ludo matches. The cube-shaped tool has numbers 1 to 6 written on each side.  

How Ludo is Played

Like all other strategy-based board games, ludo is played in a certain way. Here is a detailed look at how the classic board game works and is played:


Gameplay – For starters, 2 to 4 players start a ludo match by placing their respective tokens in their assigned bases. Then each player takes turns throwing the die. The player who obtains the highest roll plays first. The players to the left of the individual with the highest roll follow in turn in the clockwise direction. Every turn a player gets, they roll the die to determine their move. 


Objective – The primary objective of every player in a ludo match is to move all four of their tokens or pieces in the clockwise direction at least once and march them into the home column till the home triangle. The first player to have all of their pieces reach the home triangle wins the game.


Movement – To get started, a player must get the number “6” on the die to move a token out of the base and into the starting position. Until at least one piece gets out of its base, the player cannot make any other move. If the player has managed to take all of their pieces out from the base, they can move any one of them according to the number they roll.

Things to Keep in Mind When Playing Ludo

There are certain things that every player should remember when playing ludo. Here are some of the most important ones:


  • The number “6” plays a very crucial role in ludo matches. Whenever a player rolls a six on the die, they can use it to perform different activities. For starters, they can use it to take a token out of the base or move a piece that is already open. Besides this, if the player rolls a six, they get an extra turn to roll. However, players lose their turn if they roll three 6s in a row.  


  • To eliminate an opponent’s token or send it back to their respective base, players need to land their piece on it by rolling the required numbers. When this happens, the opponent whose piece got sent back must roll a 6 to move it out of the base. 


  • Any player whose token lands on a space or block occupied by another of their token gets blocked, i.e., it cannot be passed or landed on by another opponent’s piece. However, this rule is flexible; thus, it is not mandatorily used in all ludo games.


Ludo is an interesting game that is highly popular among people of all ages. Anyone wishing to get started with ludo can refer to the points mentioned above.

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