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5g network danger is 5g danger for humans ?

Few times ago, a famous Indian actress Mrs. Juhi Chawla filed an petition that 5G should be ban in our country. Because it will affect many things that can’t be reversed. Varities of plants, trees, animals and birds that are present in hug amount in India can be badly affected by 5G. She filed this petition in court regards to help in favour of environment and humans life.
Then it was heard with video call due to this corona pandemic. But between this, someone hacked this call and start playing songs. No one know that who was that person. On this, judges those were sitting there ask Mrs. Juhi Chawla to mute songs between them on video call. But that hacker found, and defamation claim was made against that hacker who was doing that. Because it’s a strict rule that you can’t play songs between hearing. And an action could be take against that person who play songs between hearing.

Is 5G Good Or Not?

WHO (world health organization) and many more radiation experts have given green signal to 5G network. These are millimeter waves. It will have more speed and frequency and it will have less ranges. That’s why the towers, repeaters or whatever it takes. These things will place in hundreds or two-hundreds meters apart. So that a great internet connections provide to every home and every person.As it has no longer ranges but as far as it’s range is, it’s speed will be amazing. It’s speed will be in terms of gigabytes per seconds, which is too much in today’s industrial standard comparison. We can enjoy fast internet speed with 5G in future.
Indian Government’s has asked to those companies who are taking trials of 5G have to be take trial in villages also. Because government wants that internet should reach every house.  Even in many villages in India, it has found that lots of internet fibers like JIO and AIRTEL Fibers Optic haven’t come there. So, those companies launch these fiber optic, they should make profits but also they have to provide this facility to these rest areas in our country so that can also use faster internet. 5G will also help a lot.

Most of peoples have studied that 5G waves will also hurt. But waves like 2G, 3G and 4G also hurts a lot. Although these waves naturally emitted. So there is harm by these waves more than 5G.

WHO is going to publish some reports which tell us about long term affects in 2022. As 5G is a new thing which has not been refined so much. But on the science based idea there is no negative impact yet other than heats and all.

Upcoming 5G Phone

GOOGLE has confirmed that JIO and GOOGLE about to make a 5G phone together. May be it will be Smart Phone and so affordable for everyone. 5G phone will be available in less than 2500 rupees in India. May be this time oprating system will not get KiaOS unlike in JIO phones. Yes, this time we will get to see Android in place rather than kaiOS. As, GOOGLE has confirmed that they both are going to make an affordable phone. This time you can’t be replace the 5G phone’s sim with another phone’s sim and also you can’t be able to use 5G phone’s sim into non 5G enabled mobile. Because of having very fast speed it will work in different technology.

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