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Lockdown in Delhi Due to Covid-19 Positivity Rate At 8.3%

Delhi now has reported over 5000 new covet cases in the past 24 hours which is up over 33 percent if you compare the figures again to the 28th of December it is over 1 000 there are 482 covet patients in hospitals and Delhi has already now started this weekend have a weekend lockdown as well there will be work for work from home mandatory for all government offices and private sector asked to take a call on their own but not to operate with more than 50 percent capacity buses and metros have 

whoever been allowed to operate with full capacity several other organizations talked about how sort of cutting down on capacity for metro and buses was leading to more problems as there was more crowding and more queues that were actually forming outside these stations joins us for the very latest on the story as well uh so you know when this report actually came in Delhi

the government seems to have taken feedback from people and understood that cutting down the capacity of metro and also of buses is not really helping but at the moment how significant is this rise in the number of hospitalization of course compared to delta this stands at a very low level but what are doctors saying about 

Doctor on Lockdown in Delhi

this exactly sonar so just in the past four-five days the national capital has seen an exponential rise in covid cases um just in the last 24 hours 5481 new cases and positivity is now at 8.37 this is up from two just around two percent uh which is less than a week ago so there’s been an exponential rise in positivity and the number of cases which has led to a lot of panic in the national capital, of course, the change in the guy the guidelines for public transport has been important because many people were complaining that outside metros the huge lines that were forming

we were not allowing social distancing to actually take place it was defeating the purpose of uh cutting down on capacity of the train itself so when we actually talk about hospitalization that’s an aspect to really consider as well because although cases are jumping very significantly we also need to look at whether hospitals are being able to keep up with this increase that is how we will know whether we can take care of this third wave that we are currently in so as of the latest information 531 covid patients are currently hospitalized in Delhi of which um of which around 168 168 are uh on oxygen support and 308 are asymptomatic or mild and without oxygen support, there are 14 patients on a ventilator so that 168 the  number is significant 

it’s a significant percentage of the number of people who are hospitalized it’s around 30 of people who are already on oxygen support so these are called moderate patients that is what we know about this variant so far it is leading to milder disease than the delta variant but we cannot say it is mild because it is highly transmissible and it is reaching more patients than the delta variants did and more patients who are vulnerable to severe disease so we do need to be preparing ourselves for the worst and the Delhi government is slowly starting to do that as well private hospitals have been asked to increase their reserve for the covert bed to 40 percent of their total bed capacity

now they had initially reduced it in light of the fall-in cases and also uh dengue chicken vineyard cases they had reduced deck over beds at that time but now they are scaling up again because we are in the middle of a third wave.

Weakened Lockdown in Delhi

very latest in fact let’s give you a wrap of what exactly are the fresh curbs that are uh that have been enforced in the national capital here’s the report Saturday and Sunday weekend government offices work from the home board the weekend curfew in Delhi announced on a day when the chief minister announced that he tested positive for covid Arvind Kejriwal says he has mild symptoms Delhi’s current positivity rate is at eight point five percent with daily cases crossing the five thousand mark the city’s health minister has ruled out the possibility of a lock down the news of a weekend curfew means a complete restriction on people’s movements and curbs on non-essential activities

 it also comes at a time when dozens of doctors across the national capital are testing positive for covid 23 doctors in saftajang have contracted the virus at the winter break has been canceled for medical staff who have been told to return to work immediately the curbs announced today include weekend curfew on Saturdays and Sundays in Delhi

Delhi Night Curfew

the night curfew will continue buses and metros will function at full capacity essential services will continue government offices barring essential services will have to return to work from home and private offices are to function at 50 percent capacity and have been urged to opt for work for home for all employees so how will this weekend curfew impact small businesses

Foreign saw this coming first a public ban on gatherings before festivals then a yellow alert and now a weekend curfew announced on a day when the chief minister himself has said he has tested positive for loved all of this as India witnessed a third wave of covid.

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