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how to play youtube videos in background

is this really possible so the answer is yes it is possible. today we’re gonna teach you how to use youtube in background so stay with us.

How to play youtube in background

Requirement for playing YouTube in background

before playing youtube in background you’ve to fulfill the requirements. you’ve to download a apps for playing youtube in background this app is fully secure and good. you won’t get any virus or your decide won’t harm with them you’ve to follow all my steps and install app one by one let’s start. buy likes instagram

:- Without Root

So first step for non rooted decide. so basicly every device can play youtube in background it’s not matter it’s rooted or not you can still play youtube in background. First download Vanced Non Rooted.

How to play youtube videos in background

Vanced Non Rooted :-

Vanced non rooted is youtube alternative which allow you to play videos in background without having any’s fully safe application we will provide you full detail how to use vanced and how to download vanced in non rooted devices.

Latest version vanced youtube 16.16.38 it’s the latest version of vanced.

What is vanced – Vanced is a application which same as youtube but vanced allow you to use youtube in background and download videos. you can watch videos in 4k 60FPS in vanced.

How to download vanced :- Follow this steps

Download Vanced manager and install it in your non rooted devices :- Click Here

After Download install manager in your device and open you’ll see this interface

:- You’ve to select Non-Rooted Device. don’t select rooted.

after you select you see few applications which is require to install. install them one by one

You’ll See Vanced MicroG and Youtube Vanced you’ve to install Vanced MicroG first and then install Youtube Vanced.

when you install you can play youtube videos in background.

Same process for rooted devices they have to selecte Rooted in the place of Non-Rooted and then follow same process Congrats Now you Can play youtube videos in background.

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