Can playing in a casino increase cognitive ability?

Bets in the casino allow you to get positive emotions at every opportunity. You can play on most modern devices, which allows you to choose the appropriate gambling format for everyone. It remains only to choose a casino that will offer high-quality support, a large selection of entertainment, and a variety of bonuses.

You can often hear that gambling hurts human health. Usually, such statements are made by betting opponents who have never visited a casino. Most of the statements are based only on personal feelings and are not supported by research. The statistics say otherwise. A person who gambles regularly demonstrates a higher level of mental activity compared to those who are not familiar with gambling entertainment.

Practice shows that people who regularly use casino services are not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Studies conducted by scientists from the United States have proven that games can improve mental activity no worse than reading books. This is a study that was conducted by staff at the University of Illinois. The results of the study were published in the journal JAMA Network Open. In their work, they monitored brain activity based on the level of oxygen in the blood of the brain. The study was conducted over 9 years. Volunteers were involved in it, who were divided into several categories:

  • avid gamers;
  • indifferent to games;
  • periodically playing people.

Representatives of the first category note that they spend at least 21 hours a week playing games. The second category does not play at all, and the third spends 3 to 6 hours a week playing games. To get acquainted with the entertainment that the top platform can offer, it is enough to use the services of Pin Up online casino. The portal is well-deservedly popular among Indian players, and its catalog contains thousands of slots and hundreds of card tables. You can place bets at any convenient time. Newbies can expect solid bonuses of up to 25,000 rupees on their first deposit.

The results of research on the cognitive abilities of players

The experiment showed one interesting pattern. The characteristics of brain blood in representatives of different categories of subjects differed in one indicator, namely the amount of oxygen at the time of performing a certain task. The BOLD-contrast technology was used to determine the parameter. The method allows you to show how oxygenated the blood is without obtaining a direct sample. An MRI image will have a different intensity of brain zones depending on the saturation of red blood cells in the blood, which are responsible for transporting oxygen.

If the amount of oxygen is large enough, then this indicates a high mental activity. This is what makes it possible to evaluate cognitive activity at the time of the game. If we compare the MRI image of active gamblers and people who do not visit sites with games, then the former is more saturated than the latter. This allows us to conclude that mental abilities are directly dependent on entertainment. You can pump your brain with the help of a mobile casino, which is available at any convenient time. Users only need to register and choose a game that will fully meet their preferences.



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