4 Bollywood movies with a gambling theme

Many people like to watch casino films. These films are not just made in Hollywood; they are often shot in Bollywood as well. Although gambling is many Indian states, it is popular in all India. For example, there are casinos and casinos ships in Sikkim and Goa.

So, it is understandable that many Bollywood movies deal with gambling and casinos, even if most of the audience is familiar with your typical romantic Bollywood movies.

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4 Bollywood movies with a gambling theme

Teen Patty

Venkat learns to gamble and from then on has only one goal: hit the big Jackpot. With the help of Percy, who is a genius among mathematicians, he should succeed. So, the two join forces to help London casinos win big. Through probability theory and a practice run at Teen Patti with three other students, Venkat and Percy realize that math helps. Now it should go against professional Teen Patti players so that big money can be made.


Striker is certainly one of the most popular casino films from Bollywood. Surya grows up poor but has a talent: this main character wins the Junior Carrom Championships, which opens up new opportunities for him. However, Jalil, a man who runs a betting syndicate, wants to use Surya’s talent for himself. Striker relies on adrenaline, melodrama, and lots of psychological issues. This makes the film interesting and one of the best Bollywood films. This is a 2010 movie, but it still has a place on the top lists of Bollywood casino movies in 2023.

The Great Gambler

One of the classic Bollywood films is The Great Gambler. Jai is a professional player who is very successful. So far, he has never lost a game, which makes him one of the best players. However, this also attracts gangsters who want to use Jai to make big money. So, they drag him into their shops and henceforth cheat other people out of their money. But can that go well? Jai discovers that nothing can be planned from now on. This movie is very interesting with exciting events. We believe it is worth the time.


The film Gambler definitely belongs on this top list. After all, the 1971 Bollywood movie is also one of the classics. Daya Shankar Pandey is a police inspector but not exactly the most efficient cop. Nevertheless, he manages to blow up a drug and gambling ring. However, this makes him many enemies because the members of the gambling ring will seek revenge. At the same time, the inspector quits his job when he realizes how much money can be made from gambling. Pandey is now taking off and is very successful as a professional player. But isn’t the price too high in the end? Watch this classic movie to find out.

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